Emergency Vehicle Operations


Safe Operation of Fire Tankers


Highlighting the factors that research has proved play a significant role in tanker crashes.

NIOSH LODD Report: Fatal Ta...


While traveling south on a two-lane, paved county road, Tanker 1 ran off the right side of the road through a narrow soft shoulder into a ditch.

Smarter End Caps. Safer Fir...


Meet LadderLight

Resource Allocation


One of the most underrated discussions in emergency services is the concept of resource allocation. There are several topics that are debated such as staffing levels and financial budgets. However, deciding where certain specialized equipment goes may be hindered by opinions. 

Refurb History


The Holtsville (NY) Fire Department returns its 1972 Mack CF600 engine 

The TetraKO® XL-P


EarthClean introduces a new water enhancer for the fireground.

Apparatus Technology

09/01/2016 Bob Vaccaro shares some of the new apparatus and products at FDIC 2016.

Refurb is the Way to Go

09/01/2016 Bob Vaccaro looks at how the Elmont (NY) Fire Department refurbished its TDA.

Triple Threat

06/01/2016 Bob Vaccaro looks at how the Solomons Volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire Department designed three vehicles that met the needs of its community as well as those of the surrounding communities.


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