Vehicle Operation and Apparatus

Apparatus Manufacturers Show Latest Technology

08/01/2013 Bob Vaccaro covers apparatus trends that are here to stay: touch-screen technology, lower hosebeds, expanded use of LED lighting, “green” idle-reduction technology, multi-purpose apparatus, additional air bag locations, and refurbishing apparatus.

Multipurpose Pumper Allows North Hoosick to Reduce Its Fleet While Upgrading Capabilities

07/09/2013 Facing the need to reduce its apparatus fleet, the North Hoosick (N.Y.) Fire Department made the best of the situation, upgrading its response capability while also reducing its apparatus maintenance costs.

The 7-Sided Apparatus Check

06/28/2013 An apparatus check involves checking all four sides, right? Think again. Homer Robertson presents the seven sides of a thorough apparatus check when you’re leaving the incident scene.

Seagrave Builds a Dive-Rescue Unit for the Louisville Fire Department

06/11/2013 Situated on the Ohio River, Louisville, Ky., is no stranger to water-related incidents. The Louisville Fire Department has long operated a dive-rescue unit; recently, it got an upgrade.

Manor Township Fire Department Takes Delivery of Rosenbauer Smart Cab

05/06/2013 Rosenbauer’s Smart Cab is marketed as a cost-effective solution for fire departments. The Manor Township Fire Department in Pennsylvania found that speccing the Smart Cab allowed them to include additional features, such as a light tower and master stream, which they may not have been able to afford on a custom chassis.

20 Tips for Safe Apparatus Backing

04/25/2013 Despite advances in technology and apparatus safety features, backing a fire apparatus is still a dangerous task. Capt. Homer Robertson provides 20 tips to review with your crew to help ensure the next accident doesn’t involve your apparatus.

Union Pacific Railroad Taps Pierce to Build Two Hazmat Units

01/08/2013 Although outside the fire service, a recent apparatus purchase by Union Pacific has its roots in fire apparatus design.

In Sharonville, Ohio, Preparedness Includes a Dry Chem Unit

10/15/2012 The Sharonville (Ohio) Fire Department not only has extensive mutual-aid agreements, it also participates in a regional fire collaborative that standardizes training and shares resources. Its recent purchase of a dry chem unit illustrates its progressive approach to speccing apparatus.


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