Vehicle Operation and Apparatus

NIOSH LODD Report: Firefighter Killed in Fall from Tower Ladder


FDNY firefighter died during an April 2017 fire when he was ejected from the platform.

NIOSH LODD Report: Iowa Firefighter Ejected from Department Pickup Truck


The vehicle was traveling in adverse road and driving conditions due to a wintery mix of rain, snow, and ice. 

When Plan C Doesn't Work


Build relationships with your local tow operators and train together so that you know what resources are available to you when the call comes in.

Safe Operation of Fire Tankers


Highlighting the factors that research has proved play a significant role in tanker crashes.

NIOSH LODD Report: Fatal Tanker Response Crash in Oklahoma


While traveling south on a two-lane, paved county road, Tanker 1 ran off the right side of the road through a narrow soft shoulder into a ditch.


07/24/2018 E-ONE announces innovations and a new offering for the ARFF segment of the fire service.

The Mighty Mini Pumper

06/14/2018 KME delivered a mini pumper to the Eagle (PA) Fire Company.

West Metro Pierce Rescue

05/22/2018 Pierce delivered a heavy rescue to West Metro (CO) Fire Rescue.

High-Performance Brush Trucks


Bob Vaccaro looks at Skeeter Brush Trucks high-performance brush trucks. 

Smarter End Caps. Safer Firefighters.


Meet LadderLight

Sikorsky ARFF


Bob Vaccaro looks at E-ONE Sikorsky Aircraft Titan ARFF vehicle.

Tender 30


Bob Vaccaro looks at the helicopter tender delivered to the Honolulu Fire Department. 

Resource Allocation


One of the most underrated discussions in emergency services is the concept of resource allocation. There are several topics that are debated such as staffing levels and financial budgets. However, deciding where certain specialized equipment goes may be hindered by opinions. 

LODD Anniversary: Lieutenant Killed, Firefighters Injured in Crash


On January 9, 2009, a 52-year-old male career Lieutenant (the victim) died and three male career fire fighters were injured, when the ladder truck they were riding in failed to stop while traveling down a hill.

Big Order


Bob Vaccaro looks at the 18-unit delivery Peirce made to Lancaster County (SC) Fire Rescue.



Bob Vaccaro looks at Phantom Controls’ fully automated fire pump that controls the entire 

The Heavy One


Bob Vaccaro looks at the Jerr-Dan heavy-rescue truck that was delivered to Miami Dade (FL) Fire Rescue. 

You Call, We Come


Bob Vaccaro looks at the Ferrara tractor-drawn aerial delivered to the Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department.

A "Do-All" Vehicle


Bob Vaccaro looks at the E-ONE rescue pumper delivered to the Silver Spring Community Fire Company in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Safety Safari


Bob Vaccaro examines the NHRA's drag racing safety team. 


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